For city-owned land in the Midway area, which would you rather have:

The citizen’s plan

Restore the 30 ft height limit, plan a new community around a park

River Trail Park

A spacious new park with picnic areas, outdoor concerts lawn, volleyball courts, and sports fields for kids and adults. Enough parkland to serve Midway residents and residents from other communities which are short on parks.

The city already owns 122 acres of land. With some land swaps and acquisition, the new park could have 200 acres of recreation space


or the City’s plan: High-rises with few parks.

 Fact: The City’s plan for the Midway community is to put 28,000 residents into an area of only 1.5 sq. miles, with little open space.   Their plan has  a deficit of 50 acres of parks, using the minimum standard, counting only Midway residents.

No allowance was made for visitors from other communities, or tourists.

   Source:  Midway Community Plan. p LU-24 & RE-130