• The 30 ft Coastal Height Limit was passed by residents, for residents, in 1972. It’s been serving the people for 48 years.
  • The Height Limit preserves the character of the coastal communities in the City of San Diego, all of the area west of I-5, except for downtown.
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  • The Height Limit prevents an influx of luxury mid-rise and high-rise development,and the added traffic that would bring.
  • High-rises mean high-prices, not affordable housing. The Height Limit maintains sunlight, air circulation and views, which would be blocked by high-rises.
  • The Midway area is included in the Coastal Height Limit Zone, and should keep that protection. About 1/3 is also in the California Coastal Zone.
  • City officials want to break the height limit, starting with the Midway area, then going after other communities.
  • Excessive development in Midway would worsen traffic, which is already heavy.
  • Bad traffic and limited parking means no access to beaches.
  • If City officials get their way, height limits will be removed throughout the City. This has already started. Under “Complete Communities”, there is “no height limit”!
  • Most of the Midway community is prone to flooding. Only low-intensity uses should be allowed, to limit the potential for major damage.
  • Losing the Coastal Height Limit in the Midway community would set a precedent,and imperil the other seven coastal communities. These are Pt. Loma, Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Torrey Pines and Nestor.
  • City officials are focused on getting Federally-owned land, and turning it over to private developers, rather then keeping it in public use.
  • The officials say there’s no land for new parks, but when land is available, they favor buildings over parks and open space. They ignore major deficits in Community Parks and Neighborhood Parks.
  • A better vision: A large park for the public, with sports fields for amateur sports. This will serve Midway residents and other San Diegans; it will also take pressure off over-crowded beaches.
  • Support Save Our Access in order to preserve the Coastal Height Limit, limit traffic increases, save access to the beaches for all San Diegans, and allow a beautiful city park with new sports fields.